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Girl with the dogs - How I handle a HUGE Cane Corso

Transcript Wrote:hey guys for those of you who already
know this is Gucci he is akane Corso he
has been coming here well for the first
year of his life he came here every
single day just to socialize him with
other dogs with people to get him used
to us
um I am the only groomer that can work
on him because he's not really
trustworthy of strangers so it's a good
thing that he came from when he was a
puppy I'm just going to remove his
collar before we start today
and Gucci actually came in today with
one of our bioethane leashes so they are
extremely strong obviously if they're
being used on akane Corso
so I am bathing him today in our D
shedding shampoo
you're such a big baby you're a big baby
so I Vape him in my walk-in shower
he refuses to go into the bathtub
a king of shaking
thank you
so the Kane Corso is an Italian Mastiff
and they are gigantic
I don't know if you can tell
how big he is
but a lot of people ask me
why or how
I am not afraid to work on big dogs and
a lot of the dogs that you see in my
videos are actually new clients
and the reason no don't shake not yet
and the reason why I am not afraid
is because well I've never been afraid
of dogs for one thing no no shaking
and I can read the body language of a
dog so
a scared dog can be an aggressive dog
but normally and this is just my
experience in The Grooming Salon if
they're going to be aggressive they're
going to show that right off the bat
they're going to growl right off the bat
or they're going to have some type of
body language that is going to show me
that there's a possibility they might
even though dogs are technically always
afraid of the groomers
it's really hard for me to explain
you were here Gucci
hates having his face washed and we'll
try to avoid it at all costs
he hates it I'm sorry man but you are a
drooly dog and you eat raw meat and
and I know
that your face stinks
a lot of people are worried about
getting water in their dog's ears that
can cause ear infections I honestly
don't necessarily know that that's true
it could be for some dogs but I've been
grooming for a long time and dogs get
water in their ears when you're washing
their faces because they don't want
their face washed so they give you a
difficult time despite how hard you try
to prevent it
and none of my clients come back and say
my dog got an ear infection after you
bathed it so I really do think
it depends specifically on
the particular dog but I do believe from
my own experience that chronic ear
infections are often caused by diet
usually allergies to something that
they're eating
I'm not a veterinarian and I'm not
suggesting that that's true for every
dog I'm just using my personal
experience my shepherd
she was allergic to grain
any kind of grain any kind of
carbohydrate really so she ate strictly
a raw meat diet with green vegetables
and when I switched her over to that she
went from having an ear infection
constantly to never having an ear
infection ever again
and she went swimming all the time and
would Dive In The Water because she
didn't know how to prevent herself from
going under sometimes and she never got
ear infections from the water it was
always when I would feed her grain or
carbs or starchy vegetables fruit
anything like that
so my own personal experience with her
was that it was Diet related
there's one dog that I groom
that gets infections in his ears if
water gets down his ear canal so I
actually don't wash his face at all
because I only use a wipe because every
time I wash his face he gets an
infection so that's not to say that
incorrect for every dog I just don't
think it's the case the majority of the
Gucci also hates having anything done to
his back end he refuses to let me dry it
so he usually goes home with a wet back
end because I cannot force
this over a hundred pound Kane Corso to
stand this is de-shedding conditioner
foreign so I can only usually take just
a little bit off
actually these are so short today that I
really can't take anything off
other than his dewclaw because the dew
claw doesn't hit the floor
good boy
look how short those nails are which is
awesome that's the way that they're
really supposed to be
I'm about to tell you to stand up but I
forgot you to do that
oh please
give me this nail
you're such a foreign
with the Zoom Groom but it doesn't
appear that he's shedding much today
not much came out with a blow dryer
okay it's snowing a little bit
all of these products can be found on my
website which is linked in the
description below for you guys
you're a good boy
ER I'm just going to put that on a
makeup pad and wipe his ears out I only
I only clean dog's ears if they're dirty
I don't wipe them out if they're clean
because I don't see the point of
cleaning ears if they don't need to be
because she hates it
it's okay buddy it's okay it's okay good
good boy sugar cookie cologne
okay and now I'm going to take him
outside while he waits for his owner
so we will meet you guys outside

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